Tuesday, 15 January 2013

SMS Joke - 3

Ek shaitan baccha unknown number se call karta hai….
ek aadmi uthata hai:

Aadmi: Hello !

Baccha: Ullo pullo kullo !:D
Aadmi: Kaun hai be ?

Baccha: Ek Insan

Aadmi: Wo pata hai naam bol ?

Baccha: Main ek ganda bacha hu !

Aadmi: Teri to esi ki tesi! Kahaan rehta hai ?

Baccha: Prithvi pe !

Aadmi: Wo to pata hai, phone kyu kiya ?

Baccha: Tujhe pareshan karne ke liye !

Aadmi: Ruk saale! apne baap ko bula! Chhakke ki aulaad.

Baccha: Hello papa, main chhotu :P

SMS Joke - 2

This sms joke is taken from http://sms-jokes-hindi.blogspot.in. It is really funny...

Santa was doing experiment with cockroach.

First he cut it's one leg and told, "Walk, Walk". Cockroach walked.
Then he cut it's second leg and told, "walk, walk". Cockroach still walked.
Then he cut the third leg and told, "Walk, walk".
At last, he cut it's fourth leg and ordered it to walk!
But now, the cockroach did not walk.
Santa said loudly, " I found it. I found it. If we cut cockroach's four legs, it becomes deaf."


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SMS Joke - 1

Interviewer : Tell me the opposite of good.
Santa : Bad.

Interviewer : Come.
Santa : Go.

Interviewer : Ugly.
Santa : Pichlli.

Interviewer : U G L Y??
Santa : PICHLLY !!!!!!!

Interviewer : Shut Up...
Santa : Keep Talking...

Interviewer : Get Out.
Santa : Come In.

Interviewer : Oh my God...
Santa : Oh my Devil...

Interviewer : U r Rejected.
Santa : I am Selected... BALLE BALLLE!!!
:D :D :D

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